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My Dad in 1957
Me in 1962
Ryder '79
With Natalie Cole
With Lisa Guyer
& Gardner Berry
With Barry Goudreau of the band Boston
With Barry
With Cool Change
Me and Paul
The Rics
With Dad
Michael 1987
Live at Vic's
The Teal Ric




I've been playing both drums and guitar for over 30 years. A passion that began with my dad playing the drums and listening to the songs he would play on his giant stereo console. The Temptations' Papa Was A Rolling Stone, Fleetwood Macs' Dreams and Led Zeppelins' Kashmir, are songs I remember vividly. My Dad would play them over and over again especially Kashmir, with that thunderous driving groove. It all stuck inside me. Music wasn't taught, it was absorbed and it has turned into a lifelong passion for me.

Music has become a part of me! Whether it be playing the guitar or drums and being a lead singer as well, I knew this was something I wanted to do and I have been doing it since 1979. I have performed with some great players in numerous covers and original bands over the years including Hush, Laquidara, The Class Of '66, Roundabout, The Joe Mack Band, Cool Change, Hooda Thunk, and many other bands I've sat in with.

Another passion of mine has always been the 12-string guitar. When I listen to bands like The Byrds, The Beatles and Tom Petty, there is just something about the sound of a chiming 12-string guitar that I have always loved. There were many nights I would come home after a job playing the drums where I'd pick up the guitar and just play whatever for hours. It's something that still happens today. It's a passion.

Playing the 12-string and singing with Joanie Barry and Paul Sciaba in the band Cool Change is...well, very cool. We play all the songs we love and have a great time doing it. I think we laugh as much as we sing, which is just as important.

Music is a language that is understood by everyone. If you are just listening to a song that you love, singing alone in your car or performing onstage in front of thousands of people, it can move you, touch your heart and make you feel and think about something deep inside.

Making music with my friends or on my own is something that I never get tired of. Whether it is driving the band on the drums, pounding out a rhythm, playing the guitar and singing a sweet harmony onstage or just sitting on the couch on a lazy afternoon and strumming out any song that comes into my head, it never gets old. Think of one of your favorite songs then think of why it is. It could be the words or the rhythm or the sound of the instruments. Whatever it was, something spoke to you and you carry it with you. Music...yeah, it speaks to us all. Breathe it in deep and let it run through your body and mind.

Yeah, it's my passion.

~ Michael Mazola